Enjoy a taste of Shibana’s Wellness Rituals for the Month of May

To all of you…my global family I will be traveling to god’s own country…INDIA for the summer this June. I look forward to seeing you in September…rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to share experiences and life with you!!!

Shape up package:

2 Sculpt Your Body classes – Tuesday & Thursday 9-10:15 a.m

2 Step into Grace Yoga Classes –  Monday & Friday 9-10:15 a.m

8 classes for $80 or $10 drop in

Nirvana package:

2 Step Into Grace Yoga classes – Monday & Friday 9-10:15a.m

1 Candlelight Gentle Yoga & Meditation classes – Monday 7p.m-8:15p.m

1 Sunrise Yoga Class-Saturday 6:30pm to 8p.m

10 classes for $120 or $15 drop in

Teaser package:

1 Sculpt Your Body class – Tuesday 9-10.15a.m

1 Step Into Grace Yoga class – Monday 9-10:15a.m.

1 Mid Morning Movement class – Friday 12-1:15p.m

1 Zen Your Weekend Yoga class – Saturday 12-1:15p.m.

8 classes for $80 or$10 drop on

add any class to above package for $7 or $10 for two