LABELS… what do you do? who is that with you? what religion are you???

Whether they define relationships, personal achievements, beliefs, or whatever… I’ve learned that labels lead to all sorts of expectations and preconceived notions. They put us in a box and make us conform to some sets of rules and ideas, they rob us of our uniqueness and force a relationship to comply with certain standards. Labels cannot define me… I am just me and I am fluid and I change and I flow like a singing brook experiencing life and all that it has to offer. The more I soak in as I walk my path, the less I realize I know, the more honest and fearless I am about my feelings and needs, the less I need a label for a sense of security and identity… for I am nothing but a transient star in the sky but then I am everything the eternal all encompassing sky… chittanad roopah shivoham shivoham!!!!

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