I haven’t disappeared…..just got busy in the mundane yet necessary things of life!Food…fitness….faith…to me they are all shades of the spectrum we call life….

Food….yes real healthy ,hearty,nourishing,natural food which includes the big bad carbohydrates and fats is an essential part of living a life of fitness…for Fitness is not about having a six-pack abdomen or the buxom of a Barbie doll,it is living a life which is present and aware,a life which benefits others as much as it benefits oneself and exercise which is mindful is an important part of that fitness…Faith…aaha…that is everything…faith in the universe,faith in absolute power of that absolute,faith in the power of love,faith in following your heart ,faith in yourself…… that food is not evil as it is made out to that mindful it a sweat dripping strength training session,a walk in the park,dancing in a sexy zumba class or a meditative yoga practice

…each one  is beneficial to some of us or all of us as long as we know that the reason behind fitness is not vanity alone but self-care and nurturing so we may live a life that has a purpose………so my loved ones get ready to move that body and soul!

love and infinite gratitude