Not a Size 4

I am not the size 4 I was three years ago, I am not the 23′ waist I was fifteen years ago… do I see disappointment as I stand before the mirror????
I stepped out of the car, the breeze kissed my face,my hair out of place, my eyes smudged with kohl from the day before… my body not a size 4.
I took a few strides, the rays caressed my skin, my heart began to sing, the song of breath, of hope, of love, of unbridled passion… the song of life… my life… my body not a size 4.
I began to dance, to the rhythm of my heart, I saw my daughter’s beautiful face and thanked my waist which was not 23″ anymore for the gift it had borne.
I skipped up the hill and looked at my legs, legs that could stand for hours to teach, to cook, to move, legs that did not walk and stop at the command of someone else as they had done once before… legs which leaped, which danced, which walked to the command of life… legs which were not a size 4.
I felt my arms as they swung with my stride, arms that worked to feed all whom they loved, arms that hugged, that held, arms that swung to the song of my heart… arms that were not a size 4.

My body had been shaped by the hands of life, a body that worked hard to give the stars and the moon and some fairy dust to the child it had borne. A body that bowed in devotion to its creator for the songs it could sing,for the strength it could give. A body that was healthy and strong which harboured a mind which did not sucumb to please. A body that was an instrument to be kept in tune so it could play the song of the divine.

aah, the joy the gratitude of a body that was not a size 4!!!!!

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