Every rose must have its thorns

Every blue sky must one day have its storm

Every peaceful ocean must eventually have its raging sea

Every juicy peach must have its bitter seed…

Dedicated to mommy!

Good Luck! Never give up!


2 thoughts on “perseverance…

  1. For a girl who is wiser than her years

    For a daughter who is more of a mother

    For a granddaughter who is the princess in the grandad’s life

    For someone who inspires us all to be positive !

    Love Love Love


    Masi to Mallika

  2. The poem dedicated to her Mommy abundantly shows that she has both Roots and wings—the two lasting bequests you can leave for your children.

    Her concern and imagination are clearly visible. she is an additional assest to her dear Mommy,s Talents.

    God Bless both of You


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