The thing about diets…

The thing about “diets” is that they imply  a temporary state..till I reach a size 4, till I get married,till I go to Hawai..I will be on —————“diet”.

We have to remember at every moment that food and fitness are not just vanity issues..this about being in balance with nature,about well being. Food is for the purpose of making life more powerful,more creative , more giving, and not have our days and thoughts revolving around calories and carbohydrates.We cannot go through life sleep-walking,with no conscious thought of our true wellness and expect miracles.

Nature has given us all that is needed to stay fit and healthy,all we have to learn is to use wise 12-year-old daughter commented the other day that she had heard”food is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes” friends, whether it is dropping weight,gaining muscle, or just staying healthy, remember to have a lifestyle that nourishes not only your body but your spirit as well!

love light and peace


2 thoughts on “The thing about diets…

  1. Shibu

    ………..and that’s about a lot else in our lives as well !!

    No matter what else people may steal from you they will never be able to takeaway Wellness !!

    It provides health and it provides a connect as well as insight into the self !

    Cherish each day !


  2. You have defined fitness in a simple and clear terms giving the concept and the requisite focus.

    Great beginning. All the best

    D S Chawla

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