why am I here??

Why am I here!! What is my purpose?…till I find the answer to that question in this lifetimes or in lifetimes to come…..I will try to find an answer to why am in Santa Fe?A question often asked ever since I  made the decision to move to New Mexico….the only intelligent answer I have which is probably not so intelligent is, it was a calling, and I decided to follow it.

I have left behind the place which has helped shaped who I  am striving to become today. My clients..the word clients is too weak to describe the relationships I  have formed with these indviduals….they are more than family…my sisters ,brothers,parents, and friends in more way than one…but I am not dismayed for goodbyes are necessary before we meet again, and meeting again is inevitable for those who are your friends.The Bay Area will always remain a part of my soul for the sheer beauty and life experiences it offered me….but New Mexico….there is an “Aha” moment at every corner here…the presence of the divine can be felt in the air…I do not know where and when life is waiting to take a turn, but for now, despite the sadness of leaving what was home for 10 years, I FEEL LIKE A SINGING BROOK READY TO MERGE INTO THE SEA…….WELCOMED WITH AN OPEN HEART TO THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT!