spring is in the air

Spring is the air…the fresh breeze,the sunshine,the smell of flowers,the sweet smell of mangoes(…..i had to share this wonderful mango arugula recipe…yummm…).as you enjoy the amazing flavor of the fruits and vegetables that spring offers,remember also to move this form we call our body..movement is a medium for creating a  change in our physical,emotional and mental state

So walk and smell the roses,go to  a dance class ,lift some weights,practice yoga on and off the mat.

1 mango

2 cups arugula

10-15 kalamata olives

my very special dressing

balsamic vinegar with crushed raspberries,you can also use red wine vinegar(3-4 tablespoons)

olive oil(1/2-1 tablespoon)


maple syrup or honey(1 -2 tsp)

salt n pepper to taste

mix the ingredients of the dressing and set aside

cut mango into bite size pieces and lay on bottom of plate,layer with arugula and kalmata olives and drizzle with dressing(as little or as much as you want)

toss silvered toasted almonds

Off to New Mexico…there is something about the place that has placed itself in my heart…a tug that pulls me towards it…

love and enjoy each breath


(My loved ones,i should apologize for not so perfect alignment,writing etc…i am one of the few less computer savvy people in the world..i would rather handwrite to this day..do i want to be in touch with the world through technology…YES….Do i want to spend my energy learning the nitty-gritty of what i can do without…NO…..This just my way of being in touch with all my fellow earth people,a hand of love and support to those i cannot touch more physically…and if its less than perfect…IT IS OK  WITH ME IF IT IS ALRIGHT WITH YOU)