You opened up….this other part of me I knew before. The younger version of me, wild and carefree. She got lost in this thing we call life.  You encouraged her to come, to dance, no matter what the music was. I smile when I remember that day, dancing and laughing, bringing back that girl. She is happy now, she is alive, she dances everyday now.

Layers of Subtle Flavor


Shibana Singh is a versatile and experienced yoga instructor, Ayurveda practitioner, and chef, who brings intention and layers of subtle flavor to her meals. She combines years of study in both Ayurveda and Western nutrition with the flavors of the various places she has lived and traveled, from Delhi to Santa Fe. Her pop-ups bring together a love of food, music, dance, and community in an East Indian inspired setting.

Yoga Instruction with Poetic Grace and Imagery


Shibana leads her yoga classes with poetic grace and imagery while being very clear and precise in the teaching of asana and breathing practice.

I leave Shibana’s yoga class feeling a calm alertness that serves my activities and relationships for the entire day.  Her classes really anchor the week with heightened awareness and body/mind aliveness.

Shibana is a seasoned, gifted teacher of yoga that introduces something new each and every class.   One learns the depth, wisdom and beauty of the tradition as is so eloquently taught by her.



Pamela Hester King:

I wish for every individual healing in mind, soul and body, as I was (and still am), an experience such as I have had in working with Shibana. In the moment I may not like it when she tells me to “hold the pose for a few more breaths’, or “good things come in pairs so we’ll repeat that exercise” (I sometimes even dread it!) – however, I always look forward to the satisfaction and wholeness I feel when we had completed our practice together. She has been a gift to me.



I was unable to lose weight or body fat and I realized I needed someone that would push me to the limit. When I workout by myself, I never push. I absolute love Shibana’s sessions. She pushed me to go beyond what I thought I could do. Shibana is so patient with me. She is a truly positive and motivating instructor. I not only have a trainer, but I’ve also found a friend.


Burt and Teri Kirson:

Shibana is unique in that she has extensive knowledge of free-weights and gym equipment/machines but also of yoga and can skillfully combine both forms into a personalized exercise routine to fit any level of physical ability and dexterity.

Personally, I am recovering from recent shoulder surgery. I’ve made more progress training with Shibana in a couple of months than I did with the physical therapy post-operative sessions.

We highly recommend Shibana as a personal trainer . Shibana embodies genuine compassion and cares about her clients regardless of their fitness level. We plan to continue working with her for ongoing progress with our fitness goals.


Alia Khan:

Shibana was my personal trainer for one year. I ended up moving to a different city for work, but would have continued to utilize Shibana’s training services because of her dedication to my weight loss. Her workouts were always customized and She provided me with healthy recipes and encouraged me to adopt her healthy eating approach on a daily basis. I would highly recommended Shibana for weight loss and maintaining long-term weight loss goals.



“I can’t recommend Shibana’s cooking for the pre and post natal period highly enough!  It is so especially important to eat well when carrying a baby, recovering from delivery and nursing, yet you’re more tired than ever.  Shibana’s food was a godsend. She prepared healthy meals to help with the increased nutritional needs of pregnancy, milk production and healing.  Her  services are totally unique as she combines years of nutritional study and practice from various disciplines of the East and West with the skills of a great Indian cook.  Her sensitivity to preparing healthful food that was both nutritious to me and my growing baby, mind body and spirit were a delight to the taste buds and the heart.”