One-Day Ayurveda Intensive – October 11

This is the season which teaches us the impermanence of everything… the season which reminds us not to be hopelessly attached to the spring!

In ayurveda, this is the season for deficiency and change.  It is the season to add ojas (building foods), preferably after a gentle cleanse using the right foods for your doshas, herb teas, and yoga practices.  This helps eliminate ama (undigested food, thoughts, emotions, and relationships) from the system to build up your immunity for all the challenges of winter.

The mind and emotions feel the effects of the many sensory experiences of summer and spring.  While this will lead to creative and inspirational ideas, emotions that have been left unexpressed in the busyness of the warm months will begin to arise.

002 editedJoin Shibana One Wellness for a one-day Ayurveda intensive on Friday, October 11, to learn about ojas, tejas, and prana,  Ayurvedic lifestyle and foods  that aid in managing the high vata of the autumn months in preparation for winter.  The session will close with prayers and guidance on how to set up an altar that will be your personal sacred space.


Date:  October 11, 2013
Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm • Ayurvedic lunch will be served
Cost:  $98

With love from the heart of the beloved,

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