we are all but one

Coming from a culture which gave yoga to the world..I am extremely humbled by the fact that yoga is a gift to me from the west.I am amazed,inspired and awed by the wisdom ,spirituality,expertise and guidance which my western teachers have encompassed.I will forever, with folded hands and a bowed head be their student.

This learning from the west has also reinforced what I have always believed in..”we are all but one”..the color of our skin,where we come from,the way we speak just makes us more easily identifiable while leading our paths in this world….Other than that our heartbeats,our seeking and even the color of our blood is identical,and when we go beyond the differences of nationality,religion and culture all of humanity becomes our family…so thank you GOD for giving me a family everywhere I go!!!!!!

in gratitude to the practice that saved me