Sat Chitt Ananda

We seek the quintessential bliss in objects. Coveting another dress, another pair of shoes, another car and if all else fails there is always another relationship that is sure to keep us in rapture. The truth is that trying to find the eternal in the external is like a mirage in the desert, and the moment you reach out to quench your thirst, you discover that it is Maya.

It is not lofty to assume that all of us have encountered many AHA moments in life. Those fleeting insights into samadhi, seeing the sun spread vermilion across the expanse of the blue skies, looking into the angelic face of your sleeping baby, finding the beloved in the eyes of your lover, or melting into a posture in yoga practice.

To be able reach inwards towards the fountain of ambrosia when the outside is chaotic and tequila seems to be the best answer, to touch the fullness of each breath when there is so much emptiness that filling the closet with the latest designer seems to fill the void, to embrace the divine union of Shiva and Shakti within when being alone tempts you into seeking yet another lover are a daily Sadhna.

Life will constantly present beautifully packaged temptations and nightmarish challenges.  In those moments to remember the poetic words of Shankara in Nirvana shatakam — I am beyond my five senses, my thoughts, my desires, I am the eternal knowing and bliss — chiddanand roopah shivoham shivoham will avert the trail of unnecessary karma for our actions will be guided with equanimity.