Food, Sleep, and Sex: The Yoga of Health

Cover for ShibanaEating right, sleep, and appropriate use of sexual energy are the three “Pillars of Life.” According to Ayurveda and yoga, they are intertwined in their relationship to our “ojas” (vital life force) which protects the body and mind from illness. If any one of the pillars is compromised, as can so easily happen, it affects the balance of the other two and the way we navigate our lives through the world and its ways.

Contact me for this day long workshop of sensuous movement, meditation and food to learn how to enjoyall this “rasa” (sap/juice) of life!!

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Pop-Up Dinner: Celebrate Autumn!

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Reservations Recommended – please call 505.466.3886


Autumn Dal Soup $7
Farro and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad $8
New Delhi Curried Chicken Salad $10


Fall Vegetables in a Coconut Curry with Saffron Rice $10
Calcutta Shrimp Masala with Saffron Rice $14
Lentil and Whole Wheat Bread $3


Carrot Halwa $8
(Fresh grated carrots simmered in milk, sweetened with coconut sugar, and flavored with crushed cardamom)


Masala Chai $3
Minted Cumin Lemonade $3